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Transforming an Online Bed Retailer's Paid Traffic Strategy

This online bed retailer, operating on Shopify, sought to optimize their paid traffic efforts and achieve higher conversions. They faced challenges with:

  • Inefficient traffic sources
  • Subpar copywriting and CTAs
  • Lack of Google Shopping integration
  • Unoptimized ad campaigns and keyword targeting


WebcraftHQ Solution:

Our team implemented a comprehensive paid traffic strategy, including:

  • Traffic Source Audit: We assessed the effectiveness of existing traffic sources and identified areas for improvement.
  • Copywriting & CTA Optimization: We analyzed website copywriting and CTAs, recommending changes to improve clarity, engagement, and conversion rates.
  • Google Shopping Feed Setup & Management: We set up a Google Shopping feed to showcase the retailer's bed offerings in Google Shopping results, increasing visibility and qualified traffic.

Data-Driven Ad Campaign Management

  • We ran Google Shopping ads, meticulously monitoring and optimizing them based on performance data.
  • We consistently reviewed keywords, adding negative keywords to refine targeting and eliminate irrelevant clicks.
  • We used converting keywords to further optimize the product feed.
  • Ad schedules were adjusted based on data insights to maximize results during peak hours.


Website User Behavior Analysis: We installed Hotjar, a heatmapping and session recording tool, to identify potential conversion roadblocks and recommend website improvements.

Strategic Consulting: We consulted with the client on implementing A/B testing to compare different website elements and explore the potential benefits of an affiliate network to expand reach.


The client experienced a significant increase in conversions thanks to our strategic approach. Key achievements include:

  • Increased Conversions: Conversions grew consistently month-on-month, demonstrating sustained improvement in paid traffic effectiveness.
  • Reduced Cost per Click (CPC): Our optimized campaigns achieved an average CPC of £0.50, significantly lower than industry and competitor averages exceeding £1.00.
  • High Impression Share (80%+): The ads achieved a dominant presence in targeted searches, ensuring maximum visibility for the client's bed offerings.


By implementing a data-driven and comprehensive paid traffic strategy, WebcraftHQ transformed the client's online marketing efforts. The results illustrate the power of expert analysis, optimization, and strategic recommendations in driving measurable success for online retailers.

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Google Shopping Success
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